The Street

The Family Road Trip

The Grand CanyonDerek is finishing up the booking of our upcoming family road trip to the grand Canyon. It’s going to be a blast. Full of swimming and yelling and board games and arguments. Full of sightseeing and compromises. I can’t wait! Totally excited. I have wanted to do a family road trip for a while now. It’s the ultimate family bonding experience. Moments of laughter and moments of irritation. We have had road trips before that involved a move, a jaunt to the beach and our trip to Bend, OR. But, this is the sightseeing family road trip with ‘Lookout Point’ stops, Denny’s breakfast’s and awkwardly posed pictures. I love that our son is about to experience the true family crescendo of what it is to be a family. The family road trip. I’ll keep you posted.

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